Reporting on DevOps build pipelines with PowerBi

Reporting on DevOps build pipelines with PowerBi

2019, Oct 18    

The latest v3.0-preview version of the DevOps Analytics API supports querying for more objects than just Work Items. Crucially for me, i can pull out a list of all my builds, to have a nice overview of whether or not they’ve succeeded. I’ll likely create a similar report on the Stages for some of my more complex Pipelines.

Lets start with my end result, which still needs a little polish to make it look really good but crucially gives me the data i need in one place.

Builds in Azure DevOps

I created it in Power Bi Desktop, using an OData feed from Azure DevOps Analytics.
The most helpful link i can steer you to is this one: It walks you through accessing Work Items using PowerBi Desktop.

The part of the documentation that tells you about the new entities in the v3.0-preview API is here:

You put these two things together, and you have a good starter for cutting the right query to access the Build entities.

Here’s what i used to generate the dataset above.

    Source = OData.Feed(
    #"Expanded Project" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(Source, "Project", {"ProjectName"}, {"ProjectName"}),
    #"Expanded BuildPipeline" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded Project", "BuildPipeline", {"BuildPipelineName"}, {"BuildPipelineName"}) 
    #"Expanded BuildPipeline"

You’ll need to choose the Authentication option for PowerBi to connect.
I opted for Basic Auth, and provided an Azure DevOps PAT token that was scoped just to access the Analytics.

Once the data was loaded into PowerBi, i then threw the right columns onto the report, ordered by date and set conditional formatting on the FailedCount value to change the colour of BuildOutcome.