Crappy Code Games

2012, Jan 05    

In May, the SQL Server conference SQLBits 8 took place in Brighton. Fusion-IO had sponsored the event and had initiated the first Crappy Code Games event. This consisted of 4 challenges designed to flex the IO of the Fusion-IO drives.

Prior to the Crappy Code Games final in Brighton there were 2 previous warm up events in Manchester and London, I attended the London event and entered one of the challenges; “Maximum number of transactions in a minute” and came third bagging myself a podium place and a Winmo phone.

Then came the final, which I actually couldn’t attend.  I left a revised script file with @mdknee who entered it under my name, and later that night received a few tweets from the Fusion-IO representatives from the event.

Somehow, I’d managed to bag first prize which was a flight experience with 2 high performance aircraft.

Here’s a pic of me being presented with the award by Steve Woziak (I’m the piece of paper 🙂 )

On the podium at Crappy Code Games

And some links where i’m name checked