Surface Dock 2 Refresh Rates

Surface Dock 2 Refresh Rates

2022, Jan 25    

The video specs of the Surface Dock 2 are a little light when it comes to specifics around supported video Refresh Rates. I wanted to document the refresh rates that i’ve achieved by using the Surface Dock 2.

The official docs state;

Dual 4K@60Hz on certain devices.

Since I was already getting 165Hz via a usb-c adaptor plugged into the side of the Surface Laptop 3 - i wanted to make sure i wouldn’t lose this through the dock.

For reference, my monitors are Dell S2722DGM which support up to 165Hz via DP (Display Port) or 144hz via HDMI. My surface device is a Surface Laptop 3 running Windows 11.


In a single monitor configuration, the Dock (as hoped) continues to support the highest refresh rate the monitor supports.

In a dual monitor configuration, the refresh rate of the first screen does not drop, however connection of another monitor is capped at 60Hz.

Here are my findings, with figures for the v1 Surface Dock as a comparison.

Surface Dock Dock Output Monitor Input Max Display Rates
v1 Mini DP HDMI 59.95Hz
v1 Mini DP VGA 59.95Hz
v2 Usb-c HDMI 144hz
v2 Usb-c DP 165.08Hz
v2 Usb-c x2 HDMI + DP 59.95Hz + 165.08Hz
v2 Usb-c x2 DP + HDMI 165.08Hz + 59.95Hz

Swapping then HDMI/DP cable ports around made no difference, preference was always given to the DisplayPort for the higher refresh rate.

The USB-C to HDMI adaptor makes a difference! I had a cheaper adapter, that capped the primary display to 60Hz. Therefore, ensure that the cables and adaptors you use are of decent quality.

Bonus Result - Surface Go 3

I also have a Surface Go 3 device, and can confirm that it also supports my desired configuration of 165Hz on a single external monitor through the Dock v2.