Using the Statuscake API with Powershell

Having set up a few URL monitors with Statuscake, I needed to get the data out to start playing with it in Microsoft Excel/PowerQuery.
There are 3 sets of data that i’m extracting with the script below.

    Location data
    Test definition data
    Test Performance data

On top of the basic API calls to Statuscake I wanted to enrich their Location data with actual Geo data that could be used in a BI visualisation. For this i’m using FreeGeoIP.

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  1. Hi

    Very interesting this script … I think that there is a little error when using the $outFolder, because you don’t add the character. Simply adding the character to the export lines will solve!

    Sample: $allTests | Export-Csv “$outFolderalltests-$dateStr.csv” -NoTypeInformation

    Thanks for this!

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